2014-2015 Season Auditions


Up-Coming RTOP Auditions

The Music Man & My Fair Lady

At the RTOP Theatre 122 N Grand Ave. Pullman
May 5-9 from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

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The Music Man

Character Gender Vocal Part Age Range Role Type
Harold Hill male baritone 30-50 lead
Marian Paroo female soprano 25-40 lead
Marcellus Washburn male tenor 25-45 supporting
Mayor Shinn male   40-65 supporting
Tommy Djilas male   15-24 supporting
Winthrop Paroo male alto 8-13 supporting
Olin Britt male bass 35-55 supporting
Oliver Hix male baritone 35-55 supporting
Ewart Dunop male baritone 35-55 supporting
Jacey Squires male tenor 35-55 supporting
Mrs. Paloo female mezzo 45-65 cameo
Gracie Shinn female   - cameo
Alma Hix female   - cameo
Zaneeta Shinn female   15-22 cameo
Amaryllis female alto 8-13 cameo
Charlie Cowell male   30-55 cameo
Conductor male   - cameo
Constable Locke male   - cameo
Mayor Shinn male spoken 35-55 cameo
Eulalie Machechnie Shinn female alto 30-60 cameo
Maud Dunlop female   - cameo
Ethel Toffelmier female   - cameo
Mrs. Squires female   - cameo
River City Townspeople     6-99 chorus


My Fair Lady

Character Gender Vocal Part Age Range Role Type
Eliza Doolittle female soprano 17-30 lead
Henry Higgins male baritone 40-60 lead
Mrs. Pearce female   40-70 supporting
Zoltan Karpathy male   30-50 supporting
Alfred P. Doolittle male baritone 40-70 supporting
Freddy Eynsford-Hill male tenor 20-32 supporting
Colonel Pickering male baritone 40-65 supporting
Cockney Quartet male various 25-60 supporting
Mrs. Higgins female   55-75 cameo
Mrs. Eynsford-Hill female   40-60 cameo
Lady Boxington female   45-65 cameo
Lord Boxington male   45-65 cameo
Butler male   25-50 cameo
Mrs. Hopkins female   40-65 cameo
Jamie male   30-60 cameo
Harry male   30-60 cameo
Servants, cockneys, opera goers,
Ascot racetrack devotees,
Embassy Ball patrons, street buskers
N/A   - chorus


Taking Performance Workshops (with performance dates) and Voice classes before auditioning are highly recommended. See RTOP's Performing Arts School

The director of the show may verbally give you a password at your audition.
Go to the casting page and follow the directions there for using the password.


2014-2015 Season auditions will be May 5-9.

Additional information to follow.



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